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A great political funny hat
State Representive Dan Stewart

Hey Politicians! 

You ask, "If I'm a politician, may I be IN the Doo Dah Parade?" 
Well, read the following and figure it out

Hello Doo Dah Lovers & Politicians...Can I say that in the same sentence?

Do you know that if you are a politician in the Doo Dah Parade that you, and your entire entourage, MUST wear a funny hat and have something funny to say?

The Doo Dah Parade is not an avenue for "campaigning".  It is an avenue to express your 1st Amendment right.   However, you may wear your political shirts & carry a sign, and wear that darn silly hat.  (Yankee Trader has a bunch of them!)

Here's the best example of a politician that was running for office and marched in the Doo Dah Parade (and he still marches every year).  This Politician and his entourage wore shirts with his name & what he was running for.  He wore a funny hat made of Styrofoam shaped like the State House and he carried a sign that read "
GOT VOTE?”.  Obviously this parade was the deciding factor for the now elected State Representative Dan Stewart!  The Doo Dah Parade can be successful for you too!

So, if you're running for your ruby red slippers together and say "There's no place like Doo Dah, there's no place like Doo Dah, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE DOO DAH!"

Any questions?  I'm here and there.

Mz Doo Dah, ChairChick & Queen of the Doo Dah Parade...Deb

Doo Dah Parade 1997

Thoughts for 2009:

User Manual

How to be awesome at standing out in a parade

By Melissa Starker (Columbus Alive)

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With Pride Parade and Doo Dah Parade coming up July 4, you might be in the mood to get in the lineup and say it loud, whatever "it" may be. Below, a few tips to make a memorable impression.

1. Start simply

Even though you're moving slowly, you're still moving. If you're trying to get a message across, especially if it's a political statement, it's best to sum it up in five words or less. If you put it on a sign, make sure it's clearly readable from a distance.

2. Be colorful

Comfort should always be factored in on a long walk, but that doesn't mean you can't be dazzling. If you're not afraid of exhibitionism, skin always gets noticed. Stripes, neons, sequins, feathers and silk flowers are also parade-appropriate, or you can kick it grade-school with tissue paper flowers.

Get florist wire or green pipe cleaners and sheets of colored tissue paper from a crafts store. Cut the tissue into squares about five by seven inches or smaller. Layer several squares and accordion-fold them together. Take a piece of wire or pipe cleaner, pinch the tissue at the center, fold the wire in half over the pinch and twist-tie it tightly. Then fluff the tissue layers up and apart to give the appearance of a carnation. Use the excess wire to affix the flower to your shoes, fingers, belt loops or tank top straps. If you want to go all out, attach some chicken wire to yourself and have at it.

3. Don't be shy

Work the crowd. Wave frequently, Come up with a catchy chant to repeat and get onlookers to say it with you. Strutting can work if done right.

4. Bear gifts

If you're parading in any kind of motorized vehicle, carry a supply of items to bestow upon the crowd along the way. They'll go wild. The Pride and Doo Dah parade lines have yielded everything from candy to rape whistles to Natural Light tall boys (we wouldn't recommend that one).

We agree with everything Melissa said, except the "throwing things".  Doo Dah's broken that bad habit and would like to stick with it.  If you're walking, and you can "hand" something to a spectator, that's fine.

Marchers & gawkers are welcome to just show up!

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