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Monday, May 11, 2009

Will you stimulate Doo Dah?
Friends of Doo Dah"Greatest Show-Offs On Earth!"
The infamous Columbus Doo Dah Parade has not yet been awarded our billion dollar stimulus bailout to move forward with the 2009 Doo Dah Parade. Doo Dah needs you!  Will you stimulate the Doo Dah Parade? To avoid immediate and incessant, harassing collection calls that come with non-payment of legitimate and, up until now, widely ignored debts, Doo Dah Parade DisOrganizers seek relief from you!   Line-items in our $87B annual budget are police, permits, pay-offs & bribes, toilets, clean-up on isle 4, and other unmentionables.   You will stimulate the economy and artistic gain by contributing to Doo Dah.  You’ll get listed on over 2,000 posters & fliers, nearly 1,000 T-Shirts and our web-site (now with over 55,000 hits!), and who knows where else.  Those who have money in by time our advertisements go to print; you’ll also be listed in a full page ad in the Short North Gazette.  Wow! Help us keep the tradition of being an all volunteer, community-supported display of liberty & lunacy, by contributing to Doo Dah Parade + Party. I Want To  Be A Stimulator! Title: “Stimulating Show-Off Troupe”Categories:·                    $500 & up* = The Ring Master’s Presidential Club**·                    $200 – $499= High Flying Risk Takers ·                    $100 - $199 = Strange But True to Doo Dah·                    $50 - $99 = Dog & Pony Show·                    $0= $49 = The Peanut Stand* _____ I Donate $ ___________ to Doo Dah and I’ve enclosed my check. # ___________._____ Please bill me $____________.  I want to pay with credit card through your Pay-Pal account._____ I’ll be mailing my check in the amount of $______________ by: _________________ Donations $50 and over will get you listed on over 2,000 posters & fliers, nearly 1,000 T-Shirts and our web-site (now with over 55,000 hits!), plus special advertisements.  *Donations up to $50 will be listed web only.  ** Donations over $500 will also be listed on Event Banners Show-off’s Name & Address:  __________________________________________________________________List Me as:  ________________________________________________________________________________My Web-Site link:  ____________________________________________
Phone: ________________________

Make Checks Payable To:  Friends of Doo DahPlease Mail To:  235 Buttles Avenue, Columbus OH  43215-1303(Short North Business Association Member) We thank you for your support to The Doo Dah Parade! The Doo Dah MisManagement & Troupe The Friends of Doo Dah is an ALL VOLUNTEER based Not-For-Profit organization.  Main Contact:  Deb Roberts, Mz Doo Dah – ChairChick & Queen: Please retain a copy for your tax records.  Doo Dah Hotline:  614-228-0621 //
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March in the Doo Dah Parade!  Knock it off your Bucket-List!

Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is...

Consider A Contribution!

Friends of Doo Dah

is NOW a Non-Profit Organization

It's a tax write off!!  Whoo Hoo!!

If you love Doo Dah and want to help make it happen, click on the "Donate" button, and send us some jing!  Why not?  It's a tax write off!

Official PayPal Seal

 Or, you can mail a check to “Friends of Doo Dah”, 1148 Studer Ave, Columbus, OH  43206. 
All contributors will be listed on our  Doo Dah Poster, T-Shirts and web-site.
$500 & over get listed on banners too!


 Hey, it's a tax right off...what the heck...make that mammoth size donation today!

Columbus Ohio
Every Fourth of July

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